Annual Preventive Care can leave you confident and comfortable!

preventiveWhen it comes to home maintenance, annual preventive care is very important. What may be only a small problem now could become a much larger one later if left unnoticed or neglected.   Annual fall maintenance is a smart investment that will leave you confident and comfortable for the colder winter months ahead.

Although you should call a specialist for certain jobs, here are a few DYI jobs that you can do today.

  • Inspect your roof. Look for loose shingles, rotting wood and/or cracks. If any heavy limbs expand over your roof, carefully trim them or call a professional for assistance.
  • Clean gutters and drainage spouts.  Use a gutter scooper to remove leaves and other debris. Then place the garden hose in the downspout to flush it out.  Be cautious of animals and insects.
  • Check your smoke detectors.  Press the test button to make sure it beeps and replace batteries if necessary. Most smoke detectors signal with an automatic beep when the battery gets low, but it’s always good to check. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years; batteries should be replaced every six months.

For further assistance please contact Accurate Home Services. (281) 745-0234



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